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Region: [ Tamayo Island]
Region: [ Tamayo Island]

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Region: Tamayo Island

Continent: Gaeta V

Elevation: 26m

Category: Public

Owners: Anunnaky Resident / PaollaNina Resident 

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Landing Advisories

The airport has a runway at position 27 - 09, being westbound for takeoff and eastbound for landing. The runway elevation is 26 meters and the recommended minimum approach is 40 meters.

Runway size: 149 x 18


Our airport grew out of a great passion for aviation. We started with a little Helipark where we did flights of helicopter discovering every day a Second Life is immense that we never imagined existed.

In November 2018 we started the construction of our airport. He underwent several changes until he arrived at what he is today.

We are proud to offer a great possibility of fun for land, air and sea, where we set up an infrastructure for this objective.

Facilities and Services

  • Auto-Return - 60 minutes
  • Aviation Fuel Stations
  • Tri-color visual approach slope indicator (VASI)
  • Airport beacons
  • ATC System
  • Helipads
  • Hangars
  • Airship Tower
  • Skydiving facilities.
  • Marina with rental docks
  • Access to the Route 7
  • Parking
  • Bus company desks
  • GTFO

Terminal with:

  • Airline Check-in desks
  • Vip Loungers
  • Cafeteria
  • Medical Outpatient Clinic


  • Ipanema Trip
  • Unity Airlines


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